Please read before purchasing (anything!) from GADZÜK

The latest incarnation of the Kennesaw, GA scam company 800-SKYRIDE is a "GroupOn"-like website called GADZÜK.

This "service" attempted to offer our $75 introductory flight package for $199 as a "flight over the San Francisco skies".

UPDATE: It appears that the folks at GADZÜK finally noticed this webpage and took down the "flight over the San Francisco skies".
                   They also took our hint that offering a "deal" on Plastic Surgery (see #5, below) might not be a good idea.
                   I left this page up for a few reasons: 1) it's amusing, 2) it's gotten pretty highly ranked on Google, and 3) I hope
                   anyone researching these questionable business practices will find it in the future.

A little sanity check for the GADZÜK / Sportations / SkyRide folks:

  1. No respectable CFI1 or flight school is going to perform an intro flight in class Bravo airspace.
  2. We are located 50NM south of SFO (for the above reason)!
  3. Charging $199 for a $75 intro flight is ridiculous. Turning around and offering a "deal" on that $199 package through GroupOn is genius2.
  4. Unless the intro flight is in a KingAir, which a photo on the website (which has since been removed) implied. Actually, that is ridiculous too.
  5. While your site attempts to offer other services, such as "Spa Treatments", it is a fairly shallow veil for your core scam business, focused on skydiving & balooning. Congratulations on your diversification into "Zero Gravity Flights", "Cosmetic Dentistry", and (Gadzuk!) "Plastic Surgery". I can't wait to sign up for my zero-G BOTOX injections!
  6. If you hope to get other more gulliable flight schools to sign up with your "Affiliate" program, your Affiliate Network Agreement should at least contain a termination clause. Or is the idea that once you've roped someone in, they're stuck having to deal with disappointing their prospective customers forever forward?
  7. Congratulations also on your new subsidiary "BiLateral Marketing". Too bad is shares the same physical address3 and phone number as your other scam shell companies. Consider getting a PO Box like more successful scam companies have been doing for many years.

For more information, see:

For our (legitimate!) intro flight deal, see: 30 Minute Intro Flight

1Certified Flight Instructor
2Genius in an evil way, that is.
32593 Kennesaw Due West Road, Kennesaw, GA 30144